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At Church at Charlotte we feel that the church as a whole has for a long time abandoned the arts, and we are seeking to begin to reintroduce the expression of them into our community. We want foster creativity among our congregation and to reach out to the greater community through the arts.

As a community of believers that is stirred by Scripture, struggles well with life, and serves others, we see the arts as a way to fulfill our mission. Truth-centered art can present a perspective on the truths of Scripture that opens our eyes to new ways of looking at familiar texts. Art is often better at asking questions than answering them; as we struggle well with life, we see the arts as a place to wrestle with living out our faith on a daily basis. As our arts ministry serves the other ministries of our church and reaches out beyond our walls, we seek to serve both those who want to use their artistic and creative gifts and those who love truth and beauty. If you have questions about Church at Charlotte’s arts ministry, please feel free to email us at arts@churchatcharlotte.org.

Current Exhibits

Eric Peters

An artist can be identified in part by the materials with which he or she chooses to work. The work of Eric Peters has given way to a fascination for found objects for quite some time, revealing much about the heart and mind, the passion and the perspective of the artist himself.

Eric’s affection for found objects is clearly seen within his artwork. They’re beautifully displayed in his mixed media creations and compositions, random parts and spare thingamajigs positioned lovingly and carefully within a certain section of the color wheel that reveal a surprising and moving storyboard. Bits from a backyard. Remnants in a forgotten jacket pocket. Debris at the bottom of an old toolbox. Where the object originates is inconsequential; its crowning within a new creation is all that matters now.

Themes of lost and found, of self-worth, of identity are common fodder for Eric’s music as well. Brilliant albums like Scarce, Chrome and Birds of Relocation all hold songs that wrestle with these ideas, and his latest album, Far Side of the Sea, is no different. We are thrilled to host Eric’s artwork in our SouthPark campus gallery.

His Story, Our Canvas

Now on display at the Matthews campus for the first time, His Story, Our Canvas began as an idea—one we weren’t quite certain would work. 66 artists, 66 canvases, 66 books of the Bible. 1 Story. The project grew out of the two years and 84 sermons the teaching team at Church at Charlotte spent on the H1S STORY, OUR STORY sermon series. Along the way, the Church at Charlotte community learned the one, unified narrative that the Bible tells, and explored our part in the story.

As we considered how to respond to this journey through the Scriptures, we thought that perhaps we could do so using the visual arts. The sermon series began with a painting, after all, so paintings seemed like an appropriate response. We found 66 artists in the Church at Charlotte community; some who didn’t even think they deserved the title, but all with a willingness to try and a heart that wanted to serve in this way.

We assigned each artist a book of the Bible, trusting that God knew which book each artist needed to spend time in. We handed each artist a 12” x 12” canvas. And we asked each one to visually represent their book on the canvas, using whatever medium they chose.

The result is a little bit overwhelming—66 stories of how God spoke to people through His Word and empowered them to present the pieces of His Story using the visual arts. And 66 canvases that now line our hallways here at Church at Charlotte, telling the whole story of Scripture in color and texture and light.

Past Exhibits

See information about our past exhibits here.

Art Gallery

Church at Charlotte’s Art Gallery opened in April 2015. The first exhibit in the new gallery opened Easter weekend and consisted of artwork from artists within the Church at Charlotte congregation.


The gallery space at the Matthews campus is open before and after our services on Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. During the week, those wishing to visit the gallery should email Campus Pastor Ryan Falls to arrange a visit at a time when a staff member is on campus.


The gallery is open to the public Monday-Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; and on weekends during Sunday service times, Sunday mornings from 8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. During the weekday hours, those wishing to visit the gallery should go to the Church Office and a staff member will open the gallery space for them. Food and drink are not allowed in the gallery and parents are asked to accompany their children.

Weekly Art

In 2014, we began to feature artwork created by those in the Church at Charlotte community on our Weekly bulletins. Individuals create pieces based on the theme of our current sermon series. We are excited that members of our congregation can share their gifts in the visual arts.

See some of our series below.

Artwork for Weekly covers by Church at Charlotte artists for our “The Church” sermon series on Ephesians (2015-2016)

Artwork for Weekly covers by Church at Charlotte artists for our “Give Us a King” sermon Series on 1 Samuel (2015)


Sermon Doodles

Beginning in the fall of 2015, we asked the doodlers among us to create images as they took notes and internalized the sermon each week that they could share with the congregation. So many of the images these folks create help the other kinds of learners in our congregation think differently about what they’ve heard. Here are some of the images we’ve received.

His Story, Our Canvas

CanvasesHis Story, Our Canvas was a project we undertook in response to a sermon series focused on the one, unified narrative that the Bible tells and exploring our part in that story. We found 66 artists in the Church at Charlotte community; some who didn’t even think they deserved the title, but all with a willingness to try and a heart that wanted to serve in this way.

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