The story of Church at Charlotte is nothing short of a story of God’s goodness. Church at Charlotte was founded in October of 1973 as a non-denominational church. Services were held in the Chapel, the same facility that now houses the Video Café. In 1976, a young man by the name of Jim Kallam joined the staff as the youth pastor. Six years later in 1982, Jim was called to be the Senior Pastor of Church at Charlotte—a position he holds to this day. Seeking to align more closely with a denomination, Church at Charlotte joined the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1987. Four years later, the church experienced a challenging season, out of which came our three-fold mission statement:

We are a community of believers that is stirred by Scripture, struggles well with life, and serves others.

Throughout the years, Church at Charlotte has grown in numbers, moving out of the Chapel in 1984 and holding services in the gym for 14 years. In 1998, we opened the Worship Center on the SouthPark campus. In 2015, we launched our second campus in Matthews. Even with the launch of the Matthews Campus, we remain one church, with one message, in multiple venues on multiple campuses.

While many things have changed throughout the last 40+ years, the one constant has been God’s faithfulness to His people and His church. To God be the glory!