What is Morph?

Morph is Church at Charlotte’s two-part pathway for spiritual formation, an in-depth journey focused on knowing and experiencing God’s story of redemption in your own life. Morph 1 is offered at both the Matthews and the SouthPark campuses in 2016-2017. It isn’t a traditional Bible study, per se, though we will certainly study the Scriptures together. Rather, Morph is a pathway covering a broad range of topics, exploring the full story of the gospel and how that one story shapes and changes us to more fully reflect the image of Jesus (Col. 3:10). If you’re looking to go deeper in your understanding of the gospel and how to live out your faith, then Morph is for you!

Morph 1 seeks to expand our understanding of the gospel story. Many of us have a small view of the gospel, a gospel focused merely on forgiveness of sins. And while that is true, it’s only scratching the surface of the good news of the gospel. The gospel is so much bigger than that, promising not just forgiveness but restoration from all of the effects of the fall. Morph 1 asks the question, “What is the good news of the story God is telling and how can I experience more of it in my own life?”

Morph 2 will not be offered in 2016-2017. Morph 2 builds on this foundation. In this new class, we explore how the gospel story helps us understand and engage with the world around us. God’s gospel story is not just good news for us – it is good news for all! It affects everything in our world – our relationships, our workplaces, our finances, even our leisure time. And as this story shapes how we think about the world around us, it leads us to partner with God in his redemptive mission. Morph 2 asks, “What is God doing in the world and how can I join him?”  [Note: Because these classes build on each other, Morph 1 is a prerequisite for Morph 2.]

How does it work?

Each year of Morph covers 20 weeks of study and discussion that are divided into two semesters. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Church at Charlotte. In 2016-2017, only Morph 1 will be offered. It will be offered at both campuses.

Each weekly session combines an hour of interactive teaching followed by an hour of small group discussion. There are also assignments to be completed during the week, including reading books and articles, studying and memorizing portions of Scripture, and practicing a variety of spiritual disciplines. We believe this combination of large group teaching, small group discussion and mid-week assignments is the best way to create an environment of growth, belonging and change.

What’s it going to cost?

At SouthPark, the cost to participate in Morph 1 is $75 per person.  At Matthews, the cost for Morph 1 is $50 per person. There is no childcare at Matthews.

This covers the cost of all materials for the entire 20-week class, which includes a participant guide and a few books. We will also provide coffee each week as well as a year-end celebration.

If cost is an issue, scholarships can be requested by emailing the church office.

The other cost to consider is time. Morph is a big commitment. In addition to the two-hour class time, be prepared to spend another two hours a week on at-home assignments. While the assignments are not mandatory, they are important to get the most out of your Morph experience. We completely understand that there will be weeks when this is not possible, and we have crafted different “tiers” to the assignments so you can adjust your time commitment accordingly. These assignments can also be split up during the week, so that you can do a little bit each day.

How do I sign up?


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What about my children?

We are unable to offer childcare at Matthews for Morph 1 this year.

At SouthPark, for those of you with children there are a variety of program options for your kids offered at no cost to you. Below is a list of options with further details about how to register. If you have any questions about children’s programming, contact

For infants through Kindergarteners we provide a full program including activities and Bible lessons each week.

Elementary-aged children have two options: Kids Class is a program of activities and Bible lessons for kids in grades 1 to 5. Kids Choir teaches elementary-aged children to worship the Lord through music and drama. Children who participate have the opportunity to sing in Sunday morning worship services several times and the Children’s Choir Musical in May is the highlight of the year. First and second graders practice from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. and then join the Kids’ Class until 8:30 p.m. Third through fifth graders rehearse from 6:30 to 8:10 and can spend the last half hour with our choir staff.

Registration for any childcare option, including Kids Choir, is available with your Morph registration. If you need childcare, you will be redirected to a second form after you’ve filled out your registration.

Still have questions?

Contact the Church Office.