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About the Podcast

CAC Talks is a new podcast from Church at Charlotte that will cover topics ranging across our current sermon series, theology, issues facing the Church, and culture.

Episode 10 – Vulnerable Children | August 22, 2016

Jim Kallam, R.J. Caswell, and Tammy Medders discuss the history of our focus on helping vulnerable children (0:27), how the City Series helped propel our focus on vulnerable children (1:46), the specifics of elevating vulnerable children to the forefront of our focus (3:45), how the focus on vulnerable children was a part of our capital campaign (6:39), our partnerships over the past year (8:04), the DayOne project (10:37), how people could be involved in our focus with vulnerable children (11:56), and some future opportunities (15:42).


Episode 9 – Baptism | June 30, 2016

Jim Kallam, Dave Huber, and Ken Schmidt discuss their personal stories of baptism (0:20), what baptism is (3:39), infant baptism vs. baby dedication (7:07), should a person who was baptized as an infant get baptized again as an adult (11:06), what our baptism service looks like (13:02), when someone should be baptized (16:12), and why should someone come to the service if they are not getting baptized (18:40).


Episode 8 – Serving Others | May 09, 2016

Jim Kallam, R.J. Caswell, Tammy Medders, and Ken Schmidt discuss what serving others means at Church at Charlotte (0:52), formal and informal service (2:00), where to begin a conversation regarding serving (4:12), what opportunities there are to serve outside of the church (6:23), the people who are volunteering as tutors (9:55), changing our pace and place (11:15), the Jeremiah Fund (12:54), how we respond to people who think they have nothing to offer (15:33), why someone should explore going on a short-term international mission trip (17:20), and an easy way to serve the public schools we partner with (23:55).

Episode 7 – Struggling Well | April 28, 2016

Jim Kallam and Tim Briggs discuss Jimmy’s struggling well with driving (0:58), the origination of struggling well (3:07), a brief definition of struggling well (5:55), how Jimmy struggles well with life (7:32), Jimmy’s advice on how to struggle well (9:24), good questions to ask to unearth someone’s struggle (13:25), and how the idea of struggling well has changed Church at Charlotte (18:57).

Episode 6 – Stirred by Scripture | April 13, 2016

Jim Kallam, Dave Huber, and Tim Briggs discuss their first Bibles (0:47), general wisdom in engaging with the Bible (4:10), their personal practices with Scripture (9:15), what to do when your Bible reading is dry or boring (15:23), and other helpful strategies in stimulating your Bible reading (21:20).

Episode 5 – What is Corporate Worship? | March 9, 2016

Kevin David, Stewart Fenters, and Kelly Graham discuss what job they would have if they weren’t in worship ministry (1:14), what corporate worship is not—entertainment, an hour on Sunday, showmanship, individualistic (4:01), what corporate worship is—multigenerational (10:49), and how the mission of Church at Charlotte informs worship (17:12).

Episode 4 – Meet Seth Dunham and Kelly Graham | February 24, 2016

Seth Dunham, Kelly Graham, and Ryan Falls discuss Seth’s family and background (1:23), Kelly’s family and background (3:23), Kelly’s role at CAC and his pathway to his position (8:38), Seth’s role at CAC and his pathway to his position (12:25), rapid fire questions to both Seth and Kelly (16:44), how God is at work in Kelly’s ministry (20:48), and how God is at work in Seth’s ministry (23:37).

Episode 3 – Our Denomination, the EFCA | February 11, 2016

Jim Kallam and EFCA President Kevin Kompelien discuss how Church at Charlotte became a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America (1:02), what’s unique about the EFCA (3:07), the value of being a part of the denomination (4:32), Jim Kallam’s involvement in the denomination (6:29), Kevin Kompelien’s background (8:31), a typical month as the EFCA’s President (11:36), the advantages of being a part of the EFCA (13:33), and Kevin’s thoughts on Church at Charlotte (16:10).

Episode 2 – Preparing for Easter | January 28, 2016

Stewart Fenters, Dave Huber, and Ryan Falls discuss past athletic achievements and cars (2:20), why to prepare for Easter (5:40), the history of preparing for Easter (9:30), the season of Lent (12:00), the difference between duty and devotion (18:16), how to individually prepare for Easter (20:53), the Out of the Depths album/project (24:58), and Easter week at Church at Charlotte (28:50).

Episode 1 – Multisite and Matthews | January 14, 2016

Dave Huber, Ryan Falls, and Tim Briggs discuss the decision to adopt a multisite model of ministry (1:30), the benefits of multisite (5:30), the uniqueness of CAC’s multisite strategy (11:10), the process of launching the Matthews campus (15:38), the life of the Matthews campus (21:12), the uniqueness of the Matthews campus (28:25), and the future of launching campuses (34:30).