The Honeymoon’s Over

Maggie Blank

September 17, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam Jeremiah 2:1-3:5 We have a propensity to choose “broken cisterns” over the “fountains of living water.” When things get hard, how often does the bride of Christ put idols before God himself?

God’s Word or Mine

Jim Kallam

September 10, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam Jeremiah 1:1-19 The first of a new series on the book of Jeremiah.

Vision & Voting Weekend

Tim Briggs

August 27, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam In our annual Vision & Voting Weekend, Jim Kallam explains the new logo and walks through our church’s shaping values.

Where We Long To Go

Tim Briggs

August 21, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam Acts 17:22-27; Jeremiah 29:7 Jim Kallam walks through the third part of the new mission statement and what it means to bring gospel hope and renewal to our city and world.

What We Long To Do

Tim Briggs

August 13, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam Colossians 1; Isaiah 52:7 Jim Kallam continues to unpack the mission statement and what it means to “bring gospel hope and renewal” as an “authentic community of Christ followers.”

Who We Long To Be

Tim Briggs

August 6, 2017 Pastor Jim Kallam Hebrews 10:24-25; 2 Corinthians 1:8 Jim Kallam begins a new series by walking through Church at Charlotte’s new mission statement.