A message from Jim Kallam

Thanks for your interest in Church at Charlotte.

JimmycourtyardYou know, the easiest thing to do in this section of a website would be to write about all the things we’re involved in as a church. Events. Bible studies. Outreach efforts. And we are involved in all those things and more. That information is available to you in other places on our website, and I invite you to take a look around and see what you find.

Instead, I want to tell you a little about us. When I first came to Church at Charlotte as youth pastor in 1976, this church was a small church in rural (yes, rural!) Mecklenburg county. Our end of Carmel Road was hardly developed. The thing I loved most about the church was its small-church feel. People knew each other, shared in each other’s lives, loved Jesus, professed Him as Lord and Savior and tried to love each other in the way he taught.

Here’s the funny thing it’s what I still love about Church at Charlotte. Even though our numbers have grown along with Charlotte and the neighborhoods around us…even though we have multiple campuses and our members more spread out, I still feel a closeness among our people that, unfortunately, I have seen some churches lose.

Above everything else, we’re just people. We have our good days, and we have our bad days. It’s life, and we’re living it just like everyone else…which brings me back to about us. Here’s what I want you to know:

We are stirred by Scripture. God’s Word is powerful. We believe it holds the answers to living a fulfilling life here on earth, and offers the path to salvation and eternity with Him in heaven.

We struggle well with life. Life is tough. Jesus told us it would be and, like everything else He said, He was right. We just want to struggle well – to enjoy the highs, and never allow the lows to keep us from pointing toward Jesus.

We serve others. Sometimes it’s each other, and sometimes it’s someone we hardly know…here or somewhere else in the world. But we believe Jesus’ example is clear. We’re here to serve.

That’s it. I invite you to visit us. Visit us on a weekend at one of our campuses for a worship service. You can see what we have to offer by clicking here. But come more than once – just in case we’re having one of our bad days (and we do have them!). 

May God bless you in your walk with Him.

Jim Kallam, Jr.

Senior Pastor