A Simple Invitation

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This past weekend, Pastor Jimmy laid the foundation for our study in John that will run through next Spring. Like many believers, the Gospel of John holds a special place in my spiritual life and I’m really excited to journey through John’s perspective of Christ’s story. I think it is going to be a great year of engaging with Scripture and engaging with Jesus.

On Saturday night, after hearing the message, I re-read some of my favorite sections of John and I was drawn to the events that John describes after Jesus’ resurrection when he appears to his disciples. One of my favorite pictures of Jesus is the image we see in John 21. Jesus is cooking breakfast over a fire and John records five words that have radically changed my life as I’ve thought about them over the years:

“Come have breakfast with me.”

It is such a simple invitation, but one of transformative importance. I don’t think Jesus is just inviting his disciples to eat with him. I believe Jesus is calling his followers to something far more significant. He is calling his disciples, namely you and me, to fellowship with him. He is inviting us to spend time with him and to see the ordinary events of the everyday as times of fellowship with him. 

Thomas Merton writes that every moment of the day has spiritual potential. Each part of the day is a seed that is either cultivated for fellowship with God or is focused on more temporal matters. Certainly there is a time for scheduled appointments and obligations. There are many tasks to be completed in a typical day. But what Merton is referring to is the kind of awareness we possess as we go throughout the day. We either see God in all things, embracing his presence in our lives or we continue on in the busyness of the day. The story in John 21 would have been a bit different had the disciples said to Jesus, “Actually, put ours in a to-go bag, we have more fish to catch.” Spending time with Jesus is never wasted time. It is the most important part of our day. Jesus’ invitation to his disciples is given to us as well. 

As we journey through this season together in the book of John, I want to offer an opportunity to have a place to sit in the quietness of the Lord’s presence. On September 28 at 7:30 p.m. in Colony Road we are having a prayer service titled a “Night of Quiet” where we will have some margin to spend being guided in times of reflection, engaging with Scriptures, quiet prayer, and singing. I hope you are able to make it as we experience this evening together.

Jesus says to us: “Come have breakfast with me.” Or put another way, “Be with me.” Come to the service on September 28 and/or think of some rhythms you can include in your own life to cultivate more time spend with Jesus. He’s invited us and is available. What a blessing it is to spend time with him.