Be Present!

Melissa Myers Church News, Women

This coming year, our Women’s Ministry theme is “Be Present” and it is reflective of the verse in Isaiah that says, “Be alert, BE PRESENT. I’m about to do something brand-new” (Is 43:19, The Message). We want to encourage you this year to “be present” in all that you do.

Whether it is in your relationships, in reading the word of God or participating in activities at church, we encourage you to “show up” and be all in. Perhaps for you, this might include getting involved in a Women’s Bible Study this fall. Did you know that we offer Bible Studies throughout the week? Last year part of our Wednesday Night Bible Studies focused on reaching out to the next generation of women in our church (women in their 20s and 30s). Our hope was that women would see the blessing of being a part of the small groups in Bible Study.

Recently, I asked Julie David, one of our small group leaders for this “next generation” group to write about her experience in participating and leading this amazing group of women last year.

Julie wrote:

    You would think that trudging in after a long day of work, women would come to Wednesday night Bible study ready for bed rather than ready for a challenge from God’s Word. But what I experienced this year, while it did feel like landing in a comfortable place at the day’s end, was far from women shutting down.

    This year in Wednesday night Bible study, our group made it clear they wanted God’s truth to be the answer to their struggles, not trite platitudes or our best guess on “how to fix it.” Each week we found James so rich in instruction for real day-to-day-living, but we also turned to passages like Romans 8:26, “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness…” and we were comforted to know that not one of us had it figured out completely. We sensed a camaraderie in the journey as we struggled through work issues and family issues, praying for each other and calling on God, the ultimate fixer of all that is broken.

    Wednesday nights were a place to put on our spiritual “comfy clothes,” to be our real selves, to be vulnerable and honest with our struggles. And even though I love crawling into bed at the end of the day, Wednesday nights became a place I looked forward to each and every week.

We invite you to consider joining one of our women’s Bible studies this fall. There are studies available on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Friday mornings. Learn more about all our studies and sign up at the Women’s Ministry page.