City Series


About the Podcast (2015-2017)

The City Series is a community education series designed to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing the different arenas that contribute to the life of the city of Charlotte. The City Series’ goal is to educate community members regarding these public, private, and social domains and to show them ways they can contribute to the flourishing of Charlotte.

John Gerhardt, Executive Director of Urban Impact Ministries | May 17, 2017

John Gerhardt, Executive Director of Urban Impact Ministries in New Orleans, discusses his family and his journey to New Orleans (3:38), the struggles of building relationships in the inner city (10:21), advice in ministering to those hurting (15:08), some examples of the messiness of life (18:44), the struggles of upward mobility in the inner city (22:45), and how he shepherded his church through gentrification (33:50).

Joanne Stratton Tate, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool | April 19, 2017

Joanne Stratton Tate, Head of School at the non-profit Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, discusses her background and her passion for preschool education (3:38), the importance of preschool education in the life of a child (8:15), how many immigrant children are behind in reading heading into Kindergarten (13:10), what the dual language approach is and how the school utilizes it (21:38), what makes a high-quality preschool (26:41), the school’s program for infants and toddlers (29:25), advice for parents of infants and toddlers (33:54), and how important it is for parents to be involved in their children’s education (35:25).

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry, Brownicity | March 15, 2017

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry, co-founder of Brownicity, discusses her background and how she started Brownicity (4:52), advice to parents in how to talk about race (14:38), how she coaches parents (20:25), the shared language needed to have difficult conversations (24:18), how the Church can be involved in reconciliation efforts both individually and institutionally (36:27), and resources for the individuals (43:08).

Rob Kelly, For Charlotte | February 15, 2017

Rob Kelly, the Executive Director of For Charlotte, discusses his background (1:39), the mission of For Charlotte (8:35), the five ways the Church should be engaging in the city (10:33); upward mobility (11:22); the Church’s mission in the world (15:42); the margins of Charlotte (19:17); reaching millennials (22:19); the marketplace (25:33); multiply churches and disciples (29:45); engaging where you live, work, and play (33:40); and what’s next for For Charlotte and churches in the city (38:48).

Reggie Nious & Bobbette Willis, For Charlotte & DSS | January 8, 2017

Reggie Nious of For Charlotte and Bobbette Willis, DSS Senior Social Worker Supervisor for Mecklenberg County, shared with us how churches can be involved in the foster care and adoption system.



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