Join a Community Group.

We all need encouragement, sharpening, and accountability. We need a place where we can struggle well with life and be pointed to Christ in the midst of our suffering. In order to live this sort of way, we need deep community where life-on-life relationships can take place and belonging occurs. We also need a place where we can be cared for and care for others. Groups are a place where our church can be made to feel small and personal and more intimate ways of caring can take place. Lastly, we are called to the kind of life Jesus lived. Jesus longed for seekers and skeptics to find eternal life. Additionally, Jesus took great effort to make a difference in systemic injustices (poverty, racism, etc.). Engaging in evangelism and social justice are two activities every Christ follower is called to. This sort of missional living is best done in community.

Community Groups are for men, women, and couples and meet on different days, in many different homes and locations around the city. Most groups are between 8-14 people and gather together every week (or every other week) to discuss the Bible, share life, and engage in mission.

Community Groups are for community, care, and mission.