The Conversation: Episode 4

Tim Briggs The Conversation

Special Guest Rob Kelly of For Charlotte joins Pastor RJ Davis and Pastor RJ Caswell in the conversation. They talk about the ways For Charlotte serves as a network of churches for city transformation and the need for an honest dialogue on the state of our city. This honest look reveals a city of deep, core-level divisions—socio-economic divisions, divisions of trust, racial divisions, demographic divisions. The demographics of Charlotte are split into the Wedge and the Crescent, and For Charlotte is a network platform where churches can come together to learn how to trust one another and serve the city together—the issues Charlotte faces are not just social issues, but also gospel issues. Finally, Rob Kelly looks at the great, systemic issues that the church will need to have a long-term perspective on, but also the issues—or the elements of those issues—that we can move the needle on.