eCourtyard is Church at Charlotte’s web-based system that empowers congregation members to connect and engage with one another in a secure setting.

Why do we need eCourtyard?

As we continue to grow at Church at Charlotte, with multiple venues on multiple campuses, we can find ourselves growing fragmented. We remain one church, and a system like eCourtyard provides a simple, secure medium for ease of contact among our congregation that facilitates face-to-face community.

What can eCourtyard do?

eCourtyard provides:

  1. Basic directory information easily available in a secure, online system
  2. An opportunity to connect with other people in your class, volunteer team, or small group
  3. A place to see volunteer schedules
  4. Control over your profile information and privacy settings
  5. A method that group leaders and church staff will use to communicate important information to you
  6. A place to to give online and see your giving history

Log in to eCourtyard

Need help?

For any questions, email

Note: Anyone who has given to Church at Charlotte online since January 2015 is already active in eCourtyard. If you do not remember your login information, you can reset it using the “Forgot username or password” link on the eCourtyard login page.

Instructions for setting up your profile

If you need to set up or update your profile, here are some basic user instructions for signing up, updating your profile, and setting your communications and privacy preferences. See instructions.