Live Generously.

Why We Give.

At Church at Charlotte, we believe God calls all of us to be good stewards of the gifts and talents He gives us. If you are part of our community, we encourage you to give regularly as an act of worship to the Lord and in response to the generous way He has given to us. Learn more about our perspective on giving and generosity.

Give Now

Many Ways To Give

We pledge to use your gifts as we seek to be an authentic community of Christ followers who are bringing gospel hope and renewal to our city and world.

Giving Statement

Did you know you can view and print your own Giving Statement? Now is a perfect time to review your giving for the year to ensure it is at the right level.

Your Generosity Is Changing The World.

The foundation for our giving is summed up in one word—generosity. It is not found in how little but how much. It is not seen in the minimum I can get by with but in the abundance that is possible. Generosity is a gift from the first and ultimate giver, God. In the beginning, God created this world out of His infinite generosity. God has made the first move, He always does.

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