Gladedale Summer Fun Camp

Tammy Medders Outreach, Vulnerable Children

This line from our mission statement: “bringing gospel hope and renewal to our city” beautifully describes the day camp that Church at Charlotte volunteers have developed this summer for students from our neighbor community of Gladedale.

Did you know that while summer is a fun break from school and studies, it also is a time of significant learning loss?  Keeping students engaged and academically focused during the summer months is instrumental to maintaining grade level achievement, and this is true even more for under-resourced children.

The students attending the camp are in our tutoring program within the Gladedale community during the school year. These are children that we have deep relationships with and it is such a privilege to continue be part of their lives this summer.

The literacy focus of the camp is in the mornings. In the afternoons the kids are exploring science activities, God’s work in other cultures, and the gospel.

Please be praying that the children will grow in their grade level reading, understand the gospel deeply and respond to it, and grow in their kindness and relationships with one another. Pray for our volunteers to have wisdom in their teaching and to grow in relationship with the children. And pray for everyone to have fun!