Jeremiah Fund – Missy Moore: Pregnancy Resource Center

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Missy Moore was inspired to find the Pregnancy Resource Center after going through Get Off Your Donkey—a series highlighting different areas of Charlotte that are broken and in great need of Christ—with her Sunday School class. She was moved by the pain of women who have aborted their babies, and the death of the babies broke her heart.

“I knew God was wanting me to not just feel but to do something,” Missy says.

The Pregnancy Resource Center offers compassion, information and support to women and families facing unintended pregnancies. The center’s heart is not just for the unborn baby, but the mother and father as well. They offer free pregnancy testing; infant supplies; parenting classes; help for women who have had an abortion; and even ultrasounds for abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable women.

“The PRC gives women in a desperate and difficult situation a place to go, loving support, practical assistance and, most of all, hope,” Missy says. “It isn’t just the mother and baby who are blessed by this ministry. Her boyfriend/husband, their parents, their friends, their coworkers—all the people in her Charlotte network and beyond are blessed as well.”

Missy serves as a receptionist, making the women who come in as comfortable as possible, helping with paper work and giving the pregnancy test. Counselors then take it from there.

In her time with the center, Missy has been most impressed with the staff members.

“They received a gift of caramel apples and decided to personally deliver them to a local abortion center’s staff, using it as an opportunity to introduce themselves and share Christ in a spiritually dark place.”

She also clearly recalls her volunteer interview with the Director of Operations, which exemplified the heart of the Pregnancy Resource Center.

“My initial interview happened to occur on one of the most hectic days the staff could remember in recent history. One crisis after another, numerous walk-ins, phone calls from abortion-minded women—it was overwhelming to say the least. As if that wasn’t enough, a rape victim came in.

“The director I was meeting with had to step out to help the staff deal with these various situations. When she returned, she looked at me with exhaustion and stress evident on her face, halted the interview and said, ‘Let’s just pray.’ She stopped everything to go to the One who could do what she and the rest of the staff could never pull off.

That is what I’m seeing again and again at the PRC: dependence on God, love for people and a willingness to serve in the name of Christ. It’s beautiful.”