Jeremiah Fund – Elaine Leander: Changed Choices

Kristen Pittman Outreach

Elaine Leander’s introduction to Changed Choices came through Norma Ricci and Church at Charlotte’s involvement with the organization.

Changed Choices is a non-profit that provides a range of support services to female inmates in local, state and federal systems, including mentoring, counseling, and Bible studies. Upon the their release, the organization also provides women who demonstrate a high capacity for complete rehabilitation with transitional services such as individual case management and counseling, job readiness programs, community mentors, life skills development and more.

Elaine wears many hats with Changed Choices, serving as a Chaplain’s Aide and bringing Moms in Prayer to groups of women two days a week.

“I absolutely see this organization helping women and their children build new lives! So many incarcerated women find the Lord and have Changed Choices come alongside them so they can make it on the outside,” Elaine says.

Elaine has seen how the ministry of Changed Choices impacts women not only while incarcerated but beyond as well.

“CC has a great track record of preventing women from being repeat offenders and from their children following in their footsteps. Families are put back together!”

Her Moms in Prayer groups have also helped women change their hearts and their focus.

“When moms first come, they are inwardly focused on themselves and their problems. But as they start praying and learning about the character of God, His love for them and hear how He loves their children even more than they do, they being to change. Their next focus is on their child, then they start praying for other inmates in the group, me, and even officers!”

One particular inmate is a firsthand example of the life change happening in the jails.

“When Lauren was arrested, she was strung out on drugs and was bitter and angry at the world. But she heard about MIP and wanted to pray for her little girl. I saw this beautiful transformation in her. She shed her anger, bitterness, and plan for revenge. She began to witness about the Lord to family members and was forgiving of those who wronged her… She’s just one of so many who have been touched because Changed Choices paved the way for someone like me to go into the jails to share God’s love.”