Jeremiah Fund – Herb Hautau: National MS Society, Greater Carolinas Chapter

Kristen Pittman Outreach

Herbert Hautau was introduced to the Greater Carolinas Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by a doctor who treated his wife, Barbara, for MS over 40 years ago.

The National MS Society wants to see a world free of MS and seeks to help people affected by MS live their best lives as it stops MS in its tracks, restores what has been lost, and ends MS forever.

“There are so many people with MS, for which there is no cure, who struggle with living with the loss of physical function or mobility and the uncertainty of what the future will bring,” Herbert says. “The MS Society provides information and guidance on living with MS.”

Through the local chapter of the society, Herbert and Barbara have started a support group that is still going strong.

“Barbara started a Christian support group called The MS Christian Fellowship twenty-five years ago with four people. She contact the MS Society to make them aware of its existence and the MS Society offered to list is as one of their ‘self help’ groups,” Herbert explains.

“The group meets at Church at Charlotte the fourth Wednesday of the month. This group has grown over the last twenty-five years from four people to 30 people meeting each month with 50 on the mailing list.

“The MS Society lists it as ‘self-help group’ Christian Oriented. You don’t have to be a Christian and many are not. The meeting includes a program, a short devotion and prayer time. We seek to help the group struggle well with life with MS and share Christian-based hope in the future.”

Over the years Herbert and Barbara’s group has had staying power where others have not.

“Over the last twenty-five years, the MS Society has sponsored five or six self help groups in Charlotte. Only two have continued – the MS Christian Fellowship and the Newly Diagnosed group.”