Jeremiah Fund – Sonshine Britton: SOUL 139

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Inspired by God’s words to the exiles in Babylon through the prophet Jeremiah, Church at Charlotte’s Elders established The Jeremiah Fund, which focuses on engaging our congregation to seek the welfare of the city of Charlotte. Grants are distributed through CAC members to local non-profit organizations they actively serve. Grants are awarded for $750 to these organizations if certain criteria are met. Learn more and apply for a Jeremiah Fund grant. 

Editor’s note: Sonshine Britton is a member of Church at Charlotte who volunteers with SOUL 139. The following is her testimony of how her involvement and the Jeremiah Fund grant she was able to give the organization have impacted her.

The Jeremiah Fund has helped me give back to a Christian non-profit, SOUL 139. Our mission is to pamper and empower those less fortunate by providing haircuts.

I have been a volunteer with SOUL 139 for 5 years, during that time we have worked with organizations such as Charlotte Rescue Mission, Hope Haven, Compassion To Act, One7, and RunningWorks.

Our most recent relationship has been serving Room In The Inn, and soon to be Project 658. I am the Local Leader here in Charlotte as our Founder, Kat Crawford, has relocated to Guatemala.

Our bi-weekly events at Room In The Inn started all because I watched a video of Kat cutting the hair of a homeless man named Nelson on the street in Guatemala. I had suggested that she do a video to capture the moment; little did I know that God would use that to speak to my heart! As I watched the video, tears were streaming down my face because I recalled how coldly I have treated homeless people in the past.

God has shown me that He is above us, and the rest of us are side by side.

We are equal, all human, and all His children.

I grew up poor. We would get food from local churches to make it. How could my heart have grown so hardened towards people who were walking in a worse situation than I? I started working at age 10 and my old mindset was that if you work hard and be you can be better than what you came from. I’m learning that’s not always true.

From that point on I felt like God put a desire in my heart to serve the homeless. Our first night in going to serve at Room In The Inn, I met a man named Jerry. He shared with me that he was going through a divorce and had 3 children. It was his first night staying at RITI and at the end of the haircut he told me he had an interview that week. Because he had been cutting his own hair, he had literally prayed for a professional haircut right before we arrived. I was speechless and once again had tears rolling down my face. I don’t know if Jerry ever got the job, but what I do know is that God used all of these circumstances to lead me to a conversation that softened my heart more. Who am I to judge? My job is to continue to Pamper & Empower those God allows me to! Thank you for giving so generously so that we get to do this!