At Church at Charlotte Kids, we want to partner with you as your child grows. There are a lot of activities and programs to get involved with, and sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. To help you understand how we support you, we wanted to tell you about major ministry milestones you can expect to encounter throughout your son or daughter’s experience at Church at Charlotte SouthPark. You can read more about each of the Church at Charlotte Kids Milestones below.

In the image above, you see these milestones collected into a pile of stones, known as a cairn. A cairn is a pile of stones used as a memorial or a trail marker. In the Old Testament, we read stories of Israel building cairns of stones during their wilderness wanderings as memorials to the work God had done. We hope these events serve to remind your family of the journey of faith you have walked, and also serve as pointers for the steps you will take moving forward along the path.


If you have any questions about the Church at Charlotte Kids Milestones or how our ministries fit together to help you raise Christ followers, please feel free to contact Rachel Nelsonour Children’s Ministry Director.

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Whether it’s your first or your sixth, your child’s birth is a special event. Church at Charlotte SouthPark sees baby dedication as an opportunity for you to recognize that God created your child and your child belongs to Him. Child Dedication is also your chance to commit to raising your child in a way that’s pleasing to God and brings Him glory.

Our Child Dedications are held every spring and fall during our Child Dedication Family Service. For more information on Child Dedications as well as the dates of our upcoming Child Dedication Family Services, please click here.