Meet Nic Schrieber

Carrie Givens Church News

Nic Schrieber is Church at Charlotte’s new SouthPark Middle School Pastor. He will work with the Student Ministries Team, serving our middle schoolers, their families, and the volunteers who serve in that ministry.

Nic and his wife Laura have four children, Rani (8), Micah (6), Evie (4), and Isabel (2). They are moving to Charlotte from Miami, Florida, where, for the last 9 years, Nic has been serving as the youth, college, and campus pastor at True Vine Christian Church, an EFCA church. Connected to these positions, Nic was also the director of an after school program and summer camp called Kidz XL that served families and students in their neighborhood. Currently the ministry is serving over 100 elementary students daily, 100% of whom are Hispanic. True Vine is a small church located at the heart of a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and they would translate the service into Spanish for those in the congregation who didn’t speak English. Nic says, “I have tried to learn Spanish during my time here and I have picked up a little, but have a long way to go to be fluent. Our time in Miami has been great–countless stories of God’s hand; and we believe we are finishing well. We know that God brought us to Miami for many great reasons, just like we know he is sending us to Charlotte for this next season.”

Nic’s passion for middle school students and calling into student ministries flows from the fact that God used a couple of youth pastors in his life to challenge him and help him grow. He says, “Middle School students are fun! I love their excitement and energy for life, for things they are passionate about, for adventure. I love that they love to play. But I also am excited about their unpolished boldness. It excites me to think about how God could leverage those characteristics and use these students to impact their friends, their families, their schools, and our church for Jesus.

“I appreciate that they are still young enough where they haven’t quite hit that stage where they have mastered the social etiquette of consistently “putting up a front” or hiding their feelings and thoughts. They are very much “you see what you get” and there isn’t a ton of polish to go with it. Which is awesome, because it is a lot easier to pin point the heart of issues, to have real talk, and come alongside them where they are at.

“I love working with students and seeing that ‘Aha’ moment as they discover the depths of God’s grace and love, or connections in the Bible, or ways that the truths of Jesus connect to their everyday life.”

Nic loves coming alongside middle schoolers during such a pivotal period in their lives as they begin navigating foundational issues such as identity, purpose, value, sexuality, and even brokenness—and he loves being able to help students see how their relationship with Jesus grounds and flows into every one of those areas. 

As their family comes to Church at Charlotte, Nic is excited about being part of a community that does life together well. He has already felt the camaraderie of the staff, the Student Ministries team, the volunteers, and the parents who have welcomed them.

I can’t wait to meet more of the students and to get to know them better,” Nic says. “But, ultimately, I am thankful and excited about coming to the Church at Charlotte because I believe God is the one who has led us here—and we want to follow Him wherever He leads and we want to bring our love for Him and passion for the gospel everywhere He leads us—in our daily lives and in our positions in life.”