Recommended Bible Reading Plans

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For CAC Lent and this past week, we have been feasting together on God’s Word. We believe that the habit of reading God’s Word is a key part of our spiritual formation. We want to encourage you to continue in the discipline of Bible reading. Here are a few resources that have helped many continue to persist. The first is an app, the second a PDF reading plan, and the last, sites that offer an app or an email as a prompt. May one of these serve as a tool to help you delight in the Word of the Lord.

ReadingPlan App

This is a great tool that gives a variety of reading plans (thematic, M’Cheyne, chronological, book at a time, through the Bible, book by book) that are at your fingertips.  This app is available on all app stores.


Reading Plans

Bible Easter: Feasting on God’s Word

Trent gives a great resource to read the Bible in a year’s time with a quarterly schedule. He incorporates both Old Testament & New Testament readings in sustainable chunks. It also gives 12 off days each quarter. The strength of this plan is that he highlights the chapters that are crucial to our understanding the narrative of the salvation story of Scripture.


She Reads Truth & He Reads Truth 

Both of these sites include a variety of plans (Lent 2018, Matthew, The Parables of Jesus, etc.) that can be accessed via an app or through daily email reminders.  The readings are followed by short devotional thoughts that respect the context of the biblical readings.


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