We know leaving your child in the care of another person can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we take your child’s safety very seriously and use thorough volunteer screening as well as an electronic check-in system for all classes to help protect your kids.

Volunteer Screening

Every volunteer is required to submit to a background check before stepping foot in a classroom and must receive ongoing training as long as they serve with us. We always have at least two adults in every classroom.

Electronic Check-In System

Our electronic check-in system is a quick and easy way to check all of your children into each of their classes in one stop. Check-in kiosks are located throughout our campus and our Kids Welcome Center is located behind the fireplace in the Café lobby.

If this weekend is the first time you visit Church at Charlotte or the first time your children plan to be in a classroom, please visit the Kids Welcome Center and our Welcome Team will help you check your children into their classes.

If your children are already enrolled in our classes, you can use one of the check-in kiosks located around the campus. The system will provide a security number printed on a name tag for each child. An identical tag will be printed for parents to keep.

Once you’ve received your security tags, you can drop off your children in their classrooms. When you return to pick-up your children, please present your security tag to the classroom volunteer. The number on your security tag will be checked against the number on your child’s name tag before he or she is released to you.

Questions about our security policies?

If you have questions about our security procedures, please contact