The Strength of Vulnerability

Carrie Givens Outreach

A few weeks ago, we hosted Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry, co-founder of Brownicity: The Art and Beauty of Living and Loving Beyond Race, for our City Series. Dr. Berry shared in a blog post about the experience from her perspective:

What is she going to say about race?

Who is she going to blame?”

These are the thoughts that I imagine are behind those wide eyes staring forward at me.  I can feel people subconsciously strapping in for what ever wild and treacherous ride that they think I am about to take them on. ’The nervous tension of anticipation’ is how I describe it.

In this particular instance, upon my arrival, I was greeted with being told that the number of registrants for the ‘lunch and learn’ was almost double the norm. I was shocked for two reasons. It has been my experience that white Christians—especially in the South—want to avoid learning or talking about race/ism. And I am not a well known speaker. So having a large turn-out should have been my first clue that this was going to be a unique experience. 

Tammy, the interviewer, introduced me, accrediting me with far more accolades than I deserve. (Hey, in this line of work, I’ll take all the encouragement I can get!) But it was when Tammy turned the focus on herself, that I felt ‘the nervous tension of anticipation’ leave the room.

Read more at the Brownicity blog and find a link to the City Series Podcast to hear the interview.